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Don't take our word for it..read what people that we host have said to us, about us!

These are not requested testimonials but emails to us from our clients- We did not ask for compliments but we got them anyway:)

"Just a little thanx is all this email is about..
We have done a few projects together over the past year and I do
appreciate everything that you guys have done. I value and respect the amount of customer support and service that the company offers. Just for the record, every proposal I do and have done has included and outlined your hosting service as my primary hosting provider.
Again, Thank you and I would appreciate if you would pass a copy on to Boris and Natasha.
be well,"

"Thanks Boris! You da man!..
Seriously, thanks for having such rapid customer service and also responding to my PayPal problem very quickly. I am appreciating you more and more.
Mark Tweito

"Thanks! Everything is working just great! ....
Again, the best service I got from any hosting company, ever!"
Kind regards,
Frik Strecker
CEO & President
GatherWorks, Inc.

"Thanks for getting back to me so quick..
I have nothing but praise for the quality of your service. I just made the payment for the secure certificate. I will be getting back to you shortly with the crontab job we spoke about the other day."
Thanks Again,

"I'm really impressed with the set up and speed..
with which my domain was transferred. If this works out I'll be transferring many other domains. Thanks so much for your help w/ Perl."
Lucinda Bleicher

"I try your wonderful ideas. Wonderful!..
This site is one of the best site, because of you! I never get such a good service in my other hosting plan!"
Thank you very much!
Best wishes!
Yan Qin

"I am now completely up and running...
Thank you very much for all of your patience and hard work. I really appreciate it."
Richard McCowen

"I dont know why i havent found you guys before..
but you're great. I've already
recommended that my one of my clients move to you
guys, and that will be happening very soon.
Thanks boris :) "

"I want you to know that you guys really have super fast..
and excellent service compared to other hosting providers that I've worked with."
Alana Oldham
Software Developer

"Wow you're quick - very impresive...
..and thanks again for the qucik reply"
Andrew Reitemeyer

"Most gratefull for your never ending commitment..
simpathy and amazing support...."
Carlos Montique
Web Developer

"John, thank you so much. You folks are so much better
than the last company!"

"Hi,Thanks a ton..
You guys are great."

"Hello John. Yes, I tried the settings you sent..
and they did work. I thank you very much."

"We are very glad about the response we get from you..
I hope this prompt replies will keep continuing even after we buy a web plan :). Thank you very much for all the support which helped us to make out a decision (which assume to be good). Thank you very much and we look forward for all the details to setup after we register (which we will do it in few minutes) for a plan."

"Thank you very much for...
your help and support to help us setting up our website."

"Your support is terrific!
My domain, email and web site are working
great. (I signed up three days ago.)"

Thank you for the timely response..
That is a good sign as well. Your
services and prices are very competative!

"Thank you so much..
I see what I did wrong. I had no idea that the page had to be named .shtml... THank you so Much!!!!
Your service is great!!!"


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* Some details have been extracted from emails for customer' privacy reasons

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" I would like to thank the entire team for all the great support I have received in setting up my site. You guys are simply outstanding. The tools and instrustions provided with the service are wonderful.
Site response is great and clearly exceeded my expectations."

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